Can you use matlab with arduino to measure and change the velocity of a robotic arm?

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Jessica Sheridan
Jessica Sheridan on 27 Feb 2019
Answered: Jogesh Nanda on 28 Feb 2019
I built a robot arm and would like to change the speed of it but, know the exact speed (5m/s or 1m/s). The arm is used to test how well our other system can read the arm moving by it. Hopefully, that makes sense. Sorry I feel like I am not explaining this well.

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Jogesh Nanda
Jogesh Nanda on 28 Feb 2019
The question you asked is about Inverse Kinamatics. In inverse kinamatics we get the speed of each actuator used in the system if we give the final velocity of the robot. Please refer to topic refere to topic taged Inverse kinamatics of Robot ARM to know more. Its availabel in internet.

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