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Associate value to the correct date

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Hi, I have 4 lists
1st ,2nd and 3rd -> composed by column : Date and Value (some date missing)
4th --> a coloumn of the complete list of date
I'd like to obtain a matrix made by the column : Date (complete, from 4th) , Value1, Value2, Value3. Each value mast be associated correctly to it's date. When a value for a date is absent , write NaN.
How can I do ? thanks for your answer.
Example : matlab.png


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Accepted Answer

Eric Sofen
Eric Sofen on 3 Mar 2019
Take a look at the timetable synchronize method. If you import your "1st", "2nd", "3rd" as separate timetables tt1,tt2,tt3, then you can do:
tt = synchronize(tt1,tt2,tt3,'regular','TimeStep',dt)
The default method for filling in time when there's no data is 'fillwithmissing', which i what you want.


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