Writing Code for Identifying Objects in a Photo

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Hello, I am new to Matlab but I want to learn how to write code which will enable me to analyse thousands of photos. The photos will be landscape photos taken from the same position every day, several times a day. The camera wont move so the overall scene will be the same but I want to identify and count objects in the scene which appear/disappear or move. For example, a boat entering a harbour. The trouble is, boats are usually white, as are wave crests, so how do I train Matlab to distinguish what a boat really looks like/moves like? I have never used Matlab or software like this before, so would appreciate if any responses could consider this! Thank you

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Raghunandan V
Raghunandan V on 11 Mar 2019
I would suggest you read the book "machine learning with Maltab". This is a huge topic and there is not shortcut to learn this.




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