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Licence errorr -9

Asked by Miriana Fiammingo on 19 Mar 2019
Latest activity Answered by Kojiro Saito on 19 Mar 2019
I am Miriana Fiammingo, a student of Politecnico di Torino.
I installed Matlab on my PC but when I open the software it gives me problems about the license, with error -9. How can I solve this? Thank you.


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1 Answer

回答者: Kojiro Saito
2019 年 3 月 19 日

License error 9 occurs when MATLAB is activated by different user account from the account you're currently using and here is an answer. How about deactivate and activate again?
Double click $MATLAB\uninstall\bin\win64\deactivate_matlab.exe and deactivate MATLAB first.
Then, launch MATLAB again. It will ask you to activate.


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