Is my MATLAB broken?

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Hi, I do not get along very well with MATLAB at all, but did manage to write some m-files at uni today that worked - yay! So when I get home I try to use them again it just does not work. I've made sure the current directory is right - is there something that would be wrong that would mean my version of MATLAB does not work, do I need to change something? Thank you any help :)
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Jan on 1 Apr 2011
If you get an error message, read it carefully. It most likely gives detailed information of what went wrong. If you explain the problem here, posting a copy of the message will be helpful to create a meaningful answer.

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Javier Guiterrez
Javier Guiterrez on 1 Apr 2011
Check that you have the same or more toolboxes as in the uni and the path list. It coulb be also a problem of 32 and 64 bit matlab installation.
Good luck

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