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Filtering matlab table like a database or via dropdown menu

Asked by Katharina Breher on 1 Apr 2019
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on 1 Apr 2019
Hi everyone.
So I have a huge table with a lot of categorical data (country, gender, etc.) but also numerical data (age, prevalence values, etc.) as an overview about a certain disease.
Now my question is how to access this data the best so that it serves as a database? For example the user is looking for "prevalence rate among 10-year old girls in Germany". Ideally, he then gets one percentage value. I know that there are probably better suited database softwares, but it has to be done via Matlab.
I know one way would be via manually inserted "filter key words" (something like age==10 && gender==girls && country==Germany), that the user has to type in in order to search for something and then the table gets searched with true/false until all combinations are met with true. This would be my emergency option, if nothing else works.
Is there any more elegant way to achieve this? I was thinking of a more like GUI with drop-down menu where the user can choose the wanted criterions, which then will access the data. So far, I've only found uitable, but this is not what I was looking for.
Is my purpose somehow achievable nicely and user-friendly via Matlab?
Thanks in advance!

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Answer by Kevin Phung on 1 Apr 2019
Edited by Kevin Phung on 1 Apr 2019
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Yes! I would suggest creating the gui through uicontrol() programmatically (not via GUIDE):
or using matlab's appdesigner:
You can definitely include drop down menus, edit fields, checkboxes, text boxes, pushbuttons, etc in your gui.


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