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Solving for unknown angles

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Rafay Ali
Rafay Ali on 3 Apr 2019
Answered: Agnish Dutta on 12 Apr 2019
I am trying to implement this equation
I need to find the phi in this equation which is unknown. I have the values of all the other variables.
I intend to find out the phi angle through integration but I am confused what value should I put for phi to start with. It is an indefinite integral. Should I just take the maximum value and minimum value from the sensor and run it for say 0 to 2pi for my and plot the curve?
For now I tried making an inline function
f = inline ('-(Vr./l_trail*sin(phi))-(l_truck*wr./l_trail*cos(phi)-wr)','Vr','l_trail','phi','l_truck','wr')

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Torsten on 3 Apr 2019
help ode45

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Agnish Dutta
Agnish Dutta on 12 Apr 2019
This seems like an ODE. Here's the documentation detailing how to solve ODE's using MATLAB:


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