waitbar in GUI (by pushing a button to run a m-file)

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I have a m-file and now I want to make a GUI for it. In this m-file there is a For-loop that contains a waitbar that you can see below:
h=waitbar(0,'Please wait','Name','Inputs');
for o = 1:N %N is defined before
Now, how could this waitbar be shown inside the gui (not in another windows and not outside the gui) by pushing a button for running thid code?

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 7 Aug 2012
waitbar() always creates a new figure to display the bar in.
You can examine the waitbar code and adapt it for your own needs (calling the result something else!)
mohammad on 8 Aug 2012
Walter, thanks for reply. I mean its be nice if the waitbar be shown on the same gui windows that I run the m-file from that gui. (On this gui there is a push-button for running that m-file and under this push-button I want a waitbar to be shown the progress of running this m-fi.)

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