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MATLAB distributed computing server

Asked by adele sharifi on 9 Apr 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Kojiro Saito on 10 Apr 2019
Hello. Have a nice time. I've worked on data center clustering in the framework mapreduce.I wrote the program at MATLAB. And I want to use spark + hadoop with a quasi-distributive cluster. Does this need to install MATLAB distributed compute server?


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Answer by Kojiro Saito on 9 Apr 2019

if you're using mapreduce and want to run in Hadoop, you don't need Spark.
There are two options.
1. Use MATLAB Parallel Server (MATLAB Distributed Computing Server until R2018b)
2. Use MATLAB Compiler to create mapreduce standalone application.
If you want to scale out tall array to Spark, there are two options.
1. Use MATLAB Parallel Server with Hadoop/Spark
2. Use MATLAB Compiler with Hadoop/Spark
Also, if you want to create stanalone applications wihch use MATLAB API for Spark,
1. Use MATLAB Compiler with Hadoop/Spark


Are you able to download an installer from here?
Unfortunately, is it possible for me to email Matlab's distributed computing server?
You can contact Customer Support team from here and ask how you can get installer.

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