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Vector transformation from one coordinate system to another

Asked by Bram de Leege on 17 Apr 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Bram de Leege on 9 Jun 2019
I'm performing my thesis on robotics with the UR10 from UR. I'm using the Force Torque sensor which gives me the force applied to it in 3 axes and the torque along these axes in a 1x6 matrix. This vector is referenced to the TCP of which I also get the xyz-coordinates and rotation in respect to it's base.
Can matlab perform the transformation of the vector to the base coordinate system for me? I can't find the commands.


But how does it work with Forces and Torques on the sensor? I have the position and orientation of the TCP (X Y Z Rx Ry Rz) in relation to the base, and I have the Force and Torque on the sensor in that point (Fx Fy Fz Tx Ty Tz).

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1 Answer

Answer by Tohru Kikawada on 5 May 2019
Edited by Tohru Kikawada on 5 May 2019

I believe you can do that with the utility functions provided by Robotics System Toolbox like follows.


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