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Serious mistake installing Matlab

Asked by Curtis DeGasperi on 19 Apr 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Curtis DeGasperi on 19 Apr 2019
I wasn't paying attention and accidentally installed Matlab in c:\ which appears to be a big problem and the windows installer doesn't recognize the installation. How do I uninstall and reinstall Matlab? (i.e., no MATLAB\version, but rather C:\bin, etc.
Process is complicated as I need to work with IT to run as admin.


It is likely best for you to use the telphone handset icon in the upper right corner of this page to contanct Mathworks Technical Support.
I was in a panic. I deleted all of the installed Matlab files and reinstalled correctly. Seems fine now.

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Answer by the cyclist
on 19 Apr 2019

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Sorry. I wasn't clear that it was the Windows uninstaller that wouldn't work. I just deleted the Matlab files and reinstalled. Seems to have worked.

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