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how do i plot a sawtooth graph without using the sawtooth function?

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indiphile mnge
indiphile mnge on 6 May 2019
Answered: Matthias SImons on 21 Apr 2021
T = 10*(1/50);
Fs = 1000;
dt = 1/Fs;
t = 0:dt:T-dt;
x = sawtooth(2*pi*50*t);
grid on

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Vedika Shinde
Vedika Shinde on 27 Jan 2021
i) Write a set of MATLAB commands for approximating the continuous-time periodic Sawtooth wave of amplitude 5 volts, fundamental frequency 20Hz,and duty cycle 0.5. Plot five cycles of this waveform. ii) Find out the fourier series of this waveform plotted in (i). (iii) Plot the equation of Fourier series to get the original waveform back.

Matthias SImons
Matthias SImons on 21 Apr 2021
I stumbled over this question and generated an own solution:
To generate a sawtooth with time period T, over a time signal t just use interp1:
xx = [0 T/2 T];
yy = [1 0 1];
y = interp1(xx, yy, mod(t, T));


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