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Export FMU for CarMaker

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Albrecht el 7 de Mayo de 2019
Respondida: Christian Bertsch el 15 de Jun. de 2019
How is it possible to export a "Co-Simulation Standalone"-FMU for CarMaker ?

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Priyank Sharma
Priyank Sharma el 15 de Mayo de 2019
You can follow the below documentation to correctly export the model as a Tool-Coupling FMU in R2018b
Actually CarMaker should accept win64 DLL, as you can read in the features and functions list, since CarMaker 5.0, at the following link from IPG Automotive website:
Therefore, if the FMU passes the compliance checker and you are able to re-import the FMU in Simulink and everything works fine, this issue comes from the CarMaker side and should be checked with CarMaker.
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Albrecht el 15 de Mayo de 2019
I still am in contact with IPG. IPG asks in which mode the FMU was created. I am afraid that Matlab generated the FMU in a mode not supported by IPG/CarMaker. I suspect that Matlab generated an FMU in "Co-Simulation Tool Mode", but CarMaker needs one in "Co-Simulation Standalone Mode" (see FMI standard 1.0/2.0). This can be detected, after information from IPG, on the key "needsExecutionTool=True/False" in the FMU.
1) Can you please tell me in which mode exactly the FMU was exported?
If the FMU was exported in "Tool mode", then the additional question:
2) Is it planned to also offer an export in "standalone mode"?

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Christian Bertsch
Christian Bertsch el 15 de Jun. de 2019
Mathworks currently supports the export of a so-called "tool-wrapper" FMU with an external depoendency on a ML/SL or runtime installation.
You can use and the Simulink coder to create a standalone FMU (ME or CS in case your model uses a fixed-step solver)


Más información sobre Create Standalone FMU en Help Center y File Exchange.




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