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Problem with Predictive Voltage Control four leg two level inverter

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Trio Pamungkas
Trio Pamungkas on 11 May 2019
Answered: siv1 on 17 Sep 2021
Hello everybody, so i have problem with my program/design. i try to create four leg two-level power converter with LC filter and the controller use Predictive Voltage control methode to predict the voltage. i design this converter based on paper from this link and it doesnt work, no output voltage/current, no switching applied. But when i build the another four leg two-level power converter with L filter and using Predictive Current Control its work. i really dont know where it wrong and i try to build from another journal with same design and still doesnt work, im so frustrating
i attach the file, can you check my design?
Thanks and sorry for my english

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Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel on 17 Aug 2021
Hello Trio,
unfortunately, this questions seems more to do with the implementation of a specific type of control algorithm than the use of MathWorks tools.

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