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App Designer: Use Tree to Browse Directory

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Stirnemann on 14 May 2019
Commented: Stirnemann on 15 May 2019
Can a tree be used to browse a directory? Need to select multiple files and move them from one path to the next.


Stirnemann on 15 May 2019
Different than I was thinking, but this will work. Thank you.

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Accepted Answer

Sayyed Ahmad
Sayyed Ahmad on 15 May 2019
see the help of uigetfile:
"Enabling multiple file selection in the dialog:
[filename, pathname, filterindex] = uigetfile( ...
{'*.mat','MAT-files (*.mat)'; ...
'*.mdl','Models (*.mdl)'; ...
'*.*', 'All Files (*.*)'}, ...
'Pick a file', ...
'MultiSelect', 'on');


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