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findLobes function on MATLAB_2019a

Asked by Nitai Fingerhut on 15 May 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Eric Kim on 24 Sep 2019
I'm tryingt use the "findLobes" function on MATLAB 2019a.
just to mention I have all the toolboxes, including Antenna Toolbox.
from some reason I'm getting an error:
"Undefined function or variable 'findLobes'."
Does anyone have an idea why this error occurs?


Do you have license for that toolbox??

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1 Answer

Answer by Steven Lord
on 15 May 2019

In order to use the findLobes function in Antenna Toolbox, its first input must be a polarpattern object. When you call findLobes, is the first input a polarpattern?


Neither the polarplot function nor the figure function return a polarpattern object suitable for use as the first input to findLobes.
Both the examples on the findLobes documentation page call polarpattern and pass the object it returns as output into findLobes as input. I recommend using those examples as a model for your code.
thanks. I fixed it and the function works.
however, from some reason I'm only getting the data of the main lobe, eventhough there are side lobes. The field of the side lobe is an empty cell. moreover, I'm not getting the right indices of the main lobe.
the code:
p = polarpattern(vec, slice1, vec, slice2);
polarplot(vec, slice1, vec, slice2);
L = findLobes(p);
attaching a .mat file with the relevant variables.
Hey, I'm also getting only the main lobe data.
Has anyone figured it out?

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