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Legend position changed after saving a picture

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micholeodon on 15 May 2019
Commented: micholeodon on 15 Sep 2020
Dear All,
I have generated picture like this with legend nicely placed in the 'best' location.
However, when I save it using :
saveas(gcf, savePath);
the legend automagically changed its location.
Why is that and how to overcome that behavior?


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Vasishta Bhargava
Vasishta Bhargava on 15 Sep 2020
Edited: Vasishta Bhargava on 15 Sep 2020
% if true
% code
saveas(gcf, savePath,'Renderer','pdf');
Use the saveas with renderer argument and file extension option. This ensures the saved and displayed figures properties are not modified

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micholeodon on 15 Sep 2020
Error using saveas
Too many input arguments.
However I found export_fig ( as a workaround.

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