continuity of a fit function in different regions

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untitled.jpgI have probelm in continuity of a fitting of a function where I divided it to two regions the first region is linear and second one is quadratic where I'm using lsqcurvefit for fitting

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Alex Sha
Alex Sha on 23 May 2019
Attach your data file please.

mohammad hadi
mohammad hadi on 23 May 2019
you can find the data in the attchment and I want to have the derivative of the function at x=1 to be zero.
thank you

Alex Sha
Alex Sha on 23 Feb 2020
Hi, the function below meets your requirements, with the derivative to be zero at x=1
y = p1+p2*(((x-p3)*(x+p4))^2)^p5;
Root of Mean Square Error (RMSE): 0.111454525338652
Sum of Squared Residual: 0.236020113150822
Correlation Coef. (R): 0.999608307854672
R-Square: 0.999216769132081
Adjusted R-Square: 0.999118865273591
Determination Coef. (DC): 0.999216769132081
Chi-Square: 0.322625091206584
F-Statistic: 4465.16963433769
Constrained Functions: p2*((p5*((((1-p3)*(1+p4))^2)^(p5-1)))*((2*((1-p3)*(1+p4)))*(1+p4+1-p3)))-0 = 0
Parameter Best Estimate
---------- -------------
p1 12.2679122419038
p2 -12.1133796289348
p3 1.00000000000003
p4 -0.999999999999971
p5 0.321345944716431

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