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hi , i am very new to matlab so i have a probeme , whenerver i run the function below i get that the input which is matrix is undefined , i load the matrix in my current folder but the error still

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when i run the function i have this error
any help pleaze

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Mohammad Alhashash
Mohammad Alhashash on 24 May 2019
try this instead:
temp1=load 'Adj.mat'

Bjorn Gustavsson
Bjorn Gustavsson on 24 May 2019
In your base workspace you should load the Adj-matrix and call your function with that as input:
load Adj.mat Adj % The last Adj is to inform the matlab-code-snooper about what is loaded for JIT-optimization et al.
psi = FeaturesFromAdjacentMatrix(Adj);

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