Plotting line plots and histogram in a single figure

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Hari krishnan
Hari krishnan on 26 May 2019
Commented: Hari krishnan on 26 May 2019
Hi, I am trying to draw a 'bar' graph in a single figure together with a line plot. I am using an image called 'arena_image' and then line plots are made on on top of this image. What i want to do is to make a bar of vector 'sg' alongside the line plot in the same figure. Any help to solve this will be appreciated. The entire code used in the plotting section is shown below.
arena_image = imread('good_nest_top_for_conflict_edit.png');
h1 = axes ;
cc = hsv(np);
image('XData',[0 6700],'YData',[0 5000],'CData',arena_image) ; % set your limits
ax = gca;
ax.YDir = 'reverse';
axis([0 6700 0 5000])
set(gcf, 'Units', 'Normalized', 'OuterPosition', [0, 0.04, 1, 0.96]);
h = zeros(1,np);
for ii = 2:25:size(a,1)
ax.Position(3) = 0.65;
k = 0;
t = a(ii,1);
count_gn = rowsum_for_ants_in_gdnest_matrix(ii);
count_bn = rowsum_for_ants_in_bdnest_matrix(ii);
count_hn = rowsum_for_ants_in_arena_except_homenest(ii);
count_ar = rowsum_for_ants_in_field(ii);
sg = [count_gn count_bn count_hn count_ar]; % the value in the vector have to be used for the bar plot
hold on
for jj = 2:2:np*2 % ant handles
x = a(ii,jj);
y = a(ii,jj+1);
k = k + 1;
h(k) = plot(x,y,'--or','MarkerSize',13,'MarkerEdgeColor','b','MarkerFaceColor',[0.5,0.5,0.5]);
hi(k) = text(x, y, label(k), 'VerticalAlignment','bottom', 'HorizontalAlignment','right'); %#ok<SAGROW>
h2(k) = plot(a(max(1,ii-150):ii,jj), a(max(1,ii-150):ii,jj+1),'k','LineWidth',2); %#ok<SAGROW>
Hari krishnan
Hari krishnan on 26 May 2019
I want to make the plot on the already loaded image, so i use 'hold on' before the plot function.

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