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How to plot IMU data (XYZ_AER)?

Asked by AmirHossein Majidirad on 2 Jun 2019
Latest activity Answered by Joel Handy on 3 Jun 2019
I have collected a set of data from G4 POLHEMUS motion tracker. Each frame consists of six arrays (XYZ_AER). I wish to 3D-plot a coordinate system of three vectors (XYZ) at each point having the position values and also considering the orientation of the coordinate system using azimuth,elevation and roll values.


on 3 Jun 2019
A scatter shall help.
Thank you for your response. I could not find a suitable way to get around this using scatter
Could you explain a little bit? probably mentioning the syntax I should use

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1 Answer

Answer by Joel Handy on 3 Jun 2019

A quiver plot might help you. it essentially lets you draw vectors in 3D space.


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