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How to compute NCA in case of drug infusion in Simbiology? There are options for bolus doses but is there a option to compute for drug infusion regimen?

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Non Compartmental Analysis (NCA) is easily performed in Simbiology for drug bolus. With the data imported and selected, selection of Define Plot then Open followed by NCA will directly give the the results of all standard NCA parameters. But suppose my drug is given by infusion, and I want to compute NCA, how to do it?
To be more specific, there is no option to to add rate of infusion data in Simbiology during computation of NCA.
I have attached a screenshot for better understanding. In the screenshot attached, as you can see there is no option for adding rate of infusion. In this case, is the drug infusion, I suppose is to be considered as drug bolus and then I have to compute NCA. Is this not wrong?

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Fulden Buyukozturk
Fulden Buyukozturk el 11 de Jun. de 2019
Hi Praveen,
NCA functionality in SimBiology currently doesn't support infusion dosing.
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Praveen Kumar M
Praveen Kumar M el 12 de Jun. de 2019
Ok Fulden. Should i then consider drug infusion as drug bolus and compute the NCA? My duration of drug infusion is between 15 to 30 min. Single dose.
Is there any plan to bring this feature in near future to Simbiology.

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