Easy way to change the scale of one curve to fit another curve

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I have one curve serve as reference. And then I run simulation to generate another simulated curve. The simulated curve may of different scale compared to the reference, for instance, it maybe "taller", or "fatter", but the basic shape of the two curves are similar. I want to scale (by this I mean "squeeze" or "stretch") the simulated curve, such that the simulated curve fits best to the refernece curve.
Both curves are regular bell-like curves with regular peaks and valleys.
NIvvei on 14 Jun 2019
Thanks for pointing that out!
It is very close, but not exactly what I need. I will need to stretch the whole simulated curve by the same factor, while dtw() stretches partial curves.

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Eamonn on 21 Jun 2019
titled: "Have we ever seen a pattern that looks just like this, but possibly at a different length?"

Eamonn on 21 Jun 2019

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