How do I populate a custom table in a Simulink Mask?

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I'm looking to add a row in a custom table that’s in a mask. The name of the custom table is 'Table1', and I have the following code in one of the callbacks for a button on the mask:
Table1 = [Table1;cellstr(["a","b","c","d"])]
However, when I click on the button, I receive the following error:
Undefined function or variable Table1
How do I add a row to the custom table?

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team el 22 de Jun. de 2019
Please note that mask callbacks operate in the Base Workspace. The mask parameters, however, are stored in the mask workspace. This is why you see an error stating 'Undefined function or variable Table1', as the callback does not have access to the mask workspace. To work around this, you would need to obtain the mask object and access the mask parameters within:
blkName = 'add_row_to_table_callback/Subsystem';
mask = Simulink.Mask.get(blkName);
You would then need to obtain the handle to the custom table in the mask and add the row as follows: Table1 = mask.getDialogControl('Table1');
I'm including a link to a documentation page that discusses ways to manipulate custom tables.

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