Logic to copy files into specific locations

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Hi there,
I need some help with creating a script that can copy and sort files into there respective folders.
1. I have a script that creates matfiles daily and sorts them into monthly folders. 2. These matfiles then need to be copied into a different location which contains folders created by day
I have included a screen shot for better understanding
Any help with what sort of logic I would need to use would be much appreciated.

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Davide Ferraro
Davide Ferraro on 30 Aug 2012
This is a possible approach:
files = dir('*.mat');
for i = 1:length(files)
datefolder = files(i).name(14:19);
With the DIR command you get the names of the files in your folder (eventually you can also select wich file extension you want). With a simple loop you extract the date from the file name (based on your file this seems to be always in the same position so you only need to find the portion of your vection to extract). You may use this information to create the new folder (eventually reshaping it adding dashes or inverting the terms) and then with COPYFILE you can copy the file in the new folder.

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