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For loop returns vector with different sizes, how to put them in a single matrix?

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I have a for loop which returns a vector after each iteraion, but the vector length is different each time. How to store the results in a matrix or table or whatever , so that I can use the values for other operations.
for k = 1:length(sect)
SS(k,:) = find(TS{:,2}<sect(k+1) & TS{:,2}>=sect(k) );


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Pratyush Das
Pratyush Das on 7 Jul 2019
Any example? Say the first iteration has 88 elements and the second 108. But I do not know the rest of the. How do I write the code in the for loop ?
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 7 Jul 2019
SS{k} = find(....)
By the way you should consider using histc or histcounts or discretize to determine the bin numbers.

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Accepted Answer

Pratyush Das
Pratyush Das on 25 Aug 2019
SS{k} = find(....)
Thank you Walter Roberson for the answer. It creates a cell array.


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