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how do i get the position(bottom) of dynamically changing rows of my gui table

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So i have a table in my gui which get updated with different selections that i make in my screen . the gui table has different rows and columns, the rows increses with the selections i make in my screens , that means syntax ....Position( left, bottom, width , Height) the value of bottom changes everytime the selection is made . Now my gui table also has columns, the columns remains the same , i want to include a drop down list in one of my columns in the gui , so because the bottom value changes i cannot give a value in bottom the syntax position ( left, x, width,height)... so how can i get the value of the bottom positon in a changing table or row increasing table in gui. so as i can include a drop down list.

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Mario Chiappelli
Mario Chiappelli el 22 de Jul. de 2019
This line of code will return to you the number of rows in your table. Just perform it when you need to return the new length.
rows = length(x(:,1));
Where x is a variable that represents your matrix.

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