Flat field before/after RGB2gray? Noise Reduction. Which is bettter?

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I desire to remove the noise present in my image.
My original image is RGB image and the image processing for my project is done on grayscale image.
I found the either of following ways give different result.
RGB -> imflatfield (image, 20) -> RGB2gray.
RGB -> RGB2Gray() -> imflatfield(grayImage, 20)
What is the best method to remove the noise.

Accepted Answer

Etsuo Maeda
Etsuo Maeda on 26 Jul 2019
In imflatfield.m, RGB image input is converted from RGB to HSV. And only HSV value is used for flat-field correction. You can confirm this sequence using edit command. I am not sure which is better way, giving gray scaled image or giving HSV value. But it is possible to see the difference of those images.
A = imread('printedtext.png');
ihsv = rgb2hsv(A);
ihsv = ihsv(:, :, 3);
igray = rgb2gray(A);
montage({ihsv, igray})

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