Save values from a row of an matrix in each iteration.

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Hello !!!!
Have a good day.
I have the following code(pseudocode).
Ccl = 21;
gen = 1;
   for wl = 1: gen
      for kk = 1: Ccl
Operations where
The values of the variables are obtained
dx1, dy1, dx2, dy12, dx3, dy13, dx12, dy2, dx21, SLL
in a matrix of 21 X 10 when Ccl = 21; and gen = 1;
BCG = horzcat (dx1 (:, end), dy1 (:, end), dx2 (:, end), dy12 (:, end), dx3 (:, end), dy13 (:, end), dx12 (:, end), dy2 (:, end), dx21 (:, end), SLL (:, end));
[minimum, row] = min (BCG (:, end));
generate = BCG (row, 1: end-1);
When__ gen = 3 __ I only see the last values that make up the BCG matrix (21 X 10), the last values of: “minimum”, ‘row” and “generate”.
I want to know the values that make up the matrix and the values of the variables: "minimum", "row" and "generate" of each iteration

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