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I set my model unit to meters and frequency is 1.5 GHz
I would like to build a antenna array transmitter and receiver having each 100 elements 10*10 matrix model in each of transmitter and receiver, with some different values of phases and different distance which will result for beam steering.
Units must be in meters
My input is incident power = 300 watts for each element
Freq= 1.5 GHz
Radius 2mm wire radius of dipole.
Please include lambda = c0/freq
Height = lambda/2
Distance between transmitter and receiver is 120 meters
some radar target must be included between transmitter and receiver
Distance between transmitter and target is 120 kms and as well as target and receiver is 120 kms
The main aim of the model is to estimate the power coupled from transmitter into the receiver.
I don't have any values of magnitude and phases. Please, give some values by your own in such a way that the generated radiation beam pattern will rotate in all directions (beam steering ) from all the 100 elements from transmitter.
Coming to the solid structure. These 100 antennas can be arranged on a ground plate. suppose on circular plate with a 360 degree rotation. Like a mirror and stand. one model as transmitter and one model for receiver.
Aim: I would like to reduce the side lobes of such a huge model in order to avoid coupling and also calculations of the power coupled from transmitter into the receiver.
Thank you. Please ask if you need more information.
Please, help me with this.

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Priyanshu Mishra
Priyanshu Mishra on 26 Aug 2019
For creating antenna array, first you need to install Antenna toolbox and use following command to create a rectangular array.
>> array=rectangularArray('Element',dipole,'Size',[10 10])
In the workspace you will have a 1×1 rectangular array containing all parameters of your interest. Change their values according to your requirement. For more information visit antenna array catalog.
To include the signal reflected from RADAR, you can refer to the documentation of RADAR Target.
To compute the signal reflected from a radar target:
  1. Define and set up your radar target by writing following command.
>> phased.RadarTarget.
For more details, see Construction.
2. Call step to compute the reflected signal according to the properties of phased.RadarTarget. The behavior of step is specific to each object in the toolbox.
Finally, to reduce the side lobe of circular array, you can refer to this link, which has a similar query.

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