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wYw on 23 Aug 2019
Commented: wYw on 29 Aug 2019
Hi everyone,
I'm trying to adjust the first column width of my table in Matlab GUI.
matlab question.png
I know how to adjust the width marked in red with set(handles.PulseProperties,'ColumnWidth',{10,20,30,40}); function or using Table Property Editor.
But I'm curious if there is a way to adjust the width marked in black, basically the row name region.
Currently it's automatically fitted by Matlab according to the length of the string. But as you can see it's so wide that takes a lot of space.
Any ideas?
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Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 23 Aug 2019
Matlab does not currently have a method of changing the width to the row name "column" (column in quotes because it's not a UITable column). You could move those row names to the UI table and then control the width. See similar, recent discussion here:

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Priyanshu Mishra
Priyanshu Mishra on 29 Aug 2019
I have heard that this issue is known and the concerned parties may be investigating further. This may be enhanced in future releases.
wYw on 29 Aug 2019
Thanks for the reply. It would be really convenient if it could be implemented in the future.

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