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3D plot help

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Diab Abueidda
Diab Abueidda el 27 de Ag. de 2019
Comentada: Diab Abueidda el 17 de Oct. de 2019
I have a row data composed of independent variables x, y, and z and a dependent variable D, and I would like to 3d plot the geometry. Each independent and dependent variable is a 1D array. However, all 3d plotting functions that I am aware of such as isosurface require 3D arrays. My question is how I can transfom the different arrays into 3d arrays, given that they are not uniform.
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Diab Abueidda
Diab Abueidda el 5 de Sept. de 2019
No worries, take your time.
Many thanks
Diab Abueidda
Diab Abueidda el 10 de Sept. de 2019
Hi Walter,
Any thoughts?

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Thomas Satterly
Thomas Satterly el 10 de Sept. de 2019
If you're expecting the independant variables X, Y, and Z to make some nice looking 3D surface, you can use Delaunay Triangulation to make a best guess at what that surface would look like and set the corresponding vertex colors to a colormap scaled by dependant variable D. However, you have to be careful about extrapolating data between points using this approach, as the edges generated by triangulation are purely ficticious.
If there is no expected surface between the independant variables, I'd recommend using a 3D scatterplot of X, Y, and Z with the point colors or size determined by dependant variable D. This might be harder to visualizes than a surface, since there's not as strong of relational queues to nearby points, but it does eliminate some misleading extrapolation that generating a surface would cause.
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Diab Abueidda
Diab Abueidda el 17 de Oct. de 2019
Thanks a lot, Thomas!
It worked.

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