Problem with Arduinosetup (Bluetooth device adress)

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Alexander Papst
Alexander Papst on 27 Aug 2019
Answered: Priyanshu Mishra on 30 Aug 2019
The Bluetooth device adress (HC05) contains only numbers (001403061629). If i enter these on the arduinosetup to connect with it via bluetooth it shows this error: "Device adress must be a 12-bit hexadecimal string!"
How can i still connect my device via Bluetooth? or what am im doing wrong. I followed the instructions on how to get the bluetoothadress.

Answers (1)

Priyanshu Mishra
Priyanshu Mishra on 30 Aug 2019
I assume that you have already installed the Instrument Control Toolbox. This is required to connect to the Arduino hardware using HC-05 Bluetooth device.
To pair a Bluetooth device and retrieve the Bluetooth Device Address you can follow instructions explained in this link.

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