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Ploting a Bar graph based on the amount of specific values in a colum

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Andrej Voroncov
Andrej Voroncov on 29 Aug 2019
Answered: Divya Yerraguntla on 23 Sep 2019
I have two columns with c1 being a list of ages and c15 being if they earn more the 50k or less than 50k,(two categories).I was wondering how I could make a bar graph with the age as x axes (as a category) and a bar with a height corresponding to the % earning over 50k
for now all i have is this
c1 = CensusTrainTable{:,1};
c15 = CensusTrainTable{:,15};
How do I count the amount earned over 50 for just a specific age and then plot it?

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Divya Yerraguntla
Divya Yerraguntla on 23 Sep 2019
Hi Andrej,
I'm assuming that you are trying to plot the ages of people with salary greater than 50K on X-axis and the amount by which the salary is greater than 50K on Y-axis. Try using the following code to do so:
% Convert the cell arrays to matrices
c1 = cell2mat(c1);
c15 = cell2mat(c15);
% Get the ages of people with income greater than 50K
c1 = c1(c15>50);
% Get the amount of income greater than 50K for the ages and save it as variable n
n = c15(c15>50)-50;
Hope it helps!

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