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Is there a list of datastore SelectedFormats?

Asked by Michael on 29 Aug 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Michael on 30 Aug 2019
I was not able to find a comprehensive list of Selected formats in the docs.
%q = string
%C = categorical
%f = floating
%d = integer
Are there others? Is there a format for datetimes?


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Answer by Peter Perkins
on 30 Aug 2019
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Somewhat buried in the tabularTextDatastore doc: "You can use the same conversion specifiers that the textscan function accepts". So %D, or %{fmt}D should work.

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Thank you.

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Answer by Nimit Dhulekar on 30 Aug 2019

Hi Michael,
The SelectedFormats property of TabularTextDatastore accepts all formats that are accepted by textscan. You can see this note in the documentation for the TextscanFormats property, which is a superset of the SelectedFormats.

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Thank you

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