Read .seq file in MATLAB

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kittu on 11 Sep 2012
Commented: Paul Siefert on 5 Jun 2019
Hi, I have a 20 minute video recording of an insect and i need to process it. Since it is the raw data,its file format is .seq.
Can anyone help me in reading the seq file in matlab?
kittu on 12 Sep 2012
Hi, Thanks for the reply.I am not sure about it,as I have not collected the data personally.But i think that it was created by NorPix.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 12 Sep 2012

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Davide Ferraro
Davide Ferraro on 11 Sep 2012
There are some routines for working with .seq files in MATLAB. I've not been able to test them.
Julian Marstaller
Julian Marstaller on 24 Nov 2017
hey kittu,
i have the same issue currently. did you solve your problem already?
Here is our file output:
width: 1920
height: 1080
imageBitDepth: 12
imageBitDepthReal: 12
imageSizeBytes: 3110400
imageFormat: 630
numFrames: 239
trueImageSize: 3112960
fps: 25.1130
seqVersion: 5
codec: 'imageFormat630'
descr: 'StreamPix (x64) Ę䀀 䀀  乐䀴  ㋈䀴  g 䀴 ⊸3…'
nHiddenFinalFrames: 0

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Vijay Yadav
Vijay Yadav on 7 May 2019
Can anyone please share matlab script for reading .seq file
Paul Siefert
Paul Siefert on 5 Jun 2019
You can now read compressed and uncompresed sequences completly, or within a reading window with the above script.

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