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How to set default grid to minor

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Jash Patel
Jash Patel el 11 de Sept. de 2019
Editada: dpb el 17 de Sept. de 2019
I am trying to have default minor grid for all my plots but it doesn't seem to work when I go to run a code.Screen Shot 2019-09-11 at 3.12.49 PM.png
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dpb el 11 de Sept. de 2019
Editada: dpb el 12 de Sept. de 2019
With R2017b here I seem to see the same symptom.
has no effect on subsequent displayed axes in new figure/axes object.
does result in the X grid being displayed when creating new figure/axes.
In addition, the minor grid still doesn't show up by default even if the major axes default is on so it's not that must have major on for minor to be displayed in the default properties (and one can set minor grid independent of major grid manually for the axes)
Looks like a bug to me unless there's some unexplained logic behind the scenes that doesn't seem to be documented behavior afaict.

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Pravin Jagtap
Pravin Jagtap el 17 de Sept. de 2019
Hello Jash,
Use following command to set the default behavior of ‘Minor Grid’ on:
This is Primarily because some plotting properties use different defaults in different cases. For example, ‘Linewidth’ property uses same defaults in all plotting command whereas ‘Minor Grid’ property uses different defaults in different cases such as ‘semilogx, ‘semiology’. Therefore, we need to set the behavior manually as shown above. Refer following documentation for more details:
Kind Regards
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dpb el 17 de Sept. de 2019
Editada: dpb el 17 de Sept. de 2019
OK, but why, if that is a general rule isn't it made automatic by the set routine for those properties which need it? Or at least, give a warning message "Need to set action mode to 'Manual' for default action to take effect." or somesuch.
There's no list of which do/don't to go by and no klew otherwise than to just manage to guess the problem and happen onto the right subject page.
I've been using ML for 30+ yr and didn't manage to figure it out as can be seen in above response. There's nothing but another subject in the doc; nothing in the basic higher-level discussion to give one the clue you're not done.

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