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how to download without corrupting files

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Douglas Campbell
Douglas Campbell on 12 Sep 2019
Answered: Saket Chirania on 29 Jan 2021
Case Number is 03777028
Yes, I have disabled security software on my machine, but have not whitelisted the ports. would that be under the TCIP settings? I tried using the servers that were listed on a form that came up along with both the server addresses and the ports and got some type of error, but not sure of the exact nature and then I tried it again without the server and port info without success. I am thinking about using an ethernet cable directly to the router at home and using google chrome to see if that works. I may have to go to the option of getting a disk sent if that doesn't work.
I am not a whiz at systems stuff, but have been reasonably successful in downloading software packages. Should I uninstall the previous installation of Matlab before I try downloading again? I get the zip file that extracts each time that I download and figured it was just overwriting the previous file with the new file from my downloads folder to the designated folder on my C:\ drive on my computer. It ususally completes the MATLAB installation, but when some of the additional packages provided with the student version load,
I start getting the error messages. I was able to start MATLAB, but then got the Fatal error message concerning some java related information. I looked for a way to enable javascript on chrome, but did not find it. I did enalble popups as suggested on the MATLAB
Thanks for your help,
Doug Campbell

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Saket Chirania
Saket Chirania on 29 Jan 2021
Hello Doug,
Attempt the download on a different wifi network altogether (potentially one with less stringent security rules).
The Java errors you've been seeing likely are not related to the browser you are using. The MATLAB software you are trying to install ships with it's own version of the Java Runtime, which is included when you run the installer. If something is blocking MATLAB from fully downloading, the runtime files it needs likely were partially blocked as well (hence the errors). This is why we need to try the download without something blocking the installer, to make sure all required files are present when you try and run MATLAB.

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