Determining Transfer Function of Real World Systems

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Greetings All,
I've recently developed an interest in process control, so I'm quite fresh - bare my illiteracy -
I would like to get some guidelines of where to start, what experimental data do I need to gather in order to determine a Transfer Function with the aid of Matlab/Simulink.
Scenario: I have a heat exchanger with steam coming in, cold fluid coming in, condensate coming out, hot fluid coming out.
a) what kind of real data do I need to gather to start?
b) what tools in Matlab that will help me to determine Transfer Function using data from (a)?
Thanks All
aljawada13 on 14 Sep 2019
How to aqquire data that I need to import in System Identification? I have controller measured inputs and outputs in terms of %, where to go from there?

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Priyanshu Mishra
Priyanshu Mishra on 17 Sep 2019
For modelling a heat exchanger, I would suggest you to install system identification toolbox. For data representation you can use iddata. To estimate the transfer function of heat exchanger, follow the steps explained in the following link

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