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Matlab run-time randomly crashes with Access violation error

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kalvik jakkala
kalvik jakkala on 15 Sep 2019
Answered: Saket Chirania on 13 Nov 2020
I have an application built with matlab runtime and it keeps crashing randomly. I attached a few of the crash dumps and it looks like it is crashing because of pthreads although I can't figure out anything else from it. Is there anything else I can use to debug the issue in the crash dumps? The following is one of the crash dump's
Access violation detected at Sat Sep 07 16:06:05 2019
Crash Decoding : Disabled
Crash Mode : continue (default)
Current Graphics Driver: Unknown hardware
Default Encoding : windows-1252
Graphics card 1 : Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. ( 0x1002 ) AMD Radeon HD 7500 Series Version 15.201.1151.1008
MATLAB Architecture : win32
MATLAB Root : C:\Program Files (x86)\MATLAB\MATLAB Runtime\v851
MATLAB Version : (R2015a) Service Pack 1
OpenGL : hardware
Operating System : Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
Processor ID : x86 Family 6 Model 62 Stepping 4, GenuineIntel
Virtual Machine : Java 1.7.0_60-b19 with Oracle Corporation Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM mixed mode
Window System : Version 10.0 (Build 18362)
Fault Count: 1
Abnormal termination:
Access violation
Register State (from fault):
EAX = ffffffff EBX = 05c6d200
ECX = 5daf4ba7 EDX = 00000000
ESP = 19aaf858 EBP = 19aaf878
ESI = 64945830 EDI = 75a86dc0
EIP = 05c6d200 EFL = 00010202
CS = 00000023 DS = 0000002b SS = 0000002b
ES = 0000002b FS = 00000053 GS = 0000002b
Stack Trace (from fault):
[ 0] 0x05c6d200 <unknown-module>+00000000
[ 1] 0x64945830 C:\ti\mmwave_studio_02_00_00_02\mmWaveStudio\Clients\AR1xController\libwinpthread-1.dll+00022576 pthread_create_wrapper+00000000
[ 2] 0x75a86d5f C:\WINDOWS\System32\msvcrt.dll+00421215 beginthreadex+00000207
[ 3] 0x75a86e21 C:\WINDOWS\System32\msvcrt.dll+00421409 endthreadex+00000145
[ 4] 0x75326359 C:\WINDOWS\System32\KERNEL32.dll+00090969 BaseThreadInitThunk+00000025
[ 5] 0x77107b74 C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\ntdll.dll+00424820 RtlGetAppContainerNamedObjectPath+00000228
[ 6] 0x77107b44 C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\ntdll.dll+00424772 RtlGetAppContainerNamedObjectPath+00000180
If this problem is reproducible, please submit a Service Request via:
A technical support engineer might contact you with further information.
Thank you for your help.
kalvik jakkala
kalvik jakkala on 16 Sep 2019
lol, I was looking for something that could tell me how to fix the issue.

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Answers (1)

Saket Chirania
Saket Chirania on 13 Nov 2020
You can try to start MATLAB from the Windows command prompt with each of the following commands:
a. matlab -nosoftwareopengl
b. matlab -noopengl
c. matlab -softwareOpenGLMesa
These commands may be useful to resolve the crash issue.




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