Plotting multiple ecdf in one plot with specific line color and width

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I'm plotting ecdf for a matrix where I want to chose the line color and type per column. I have this code but not sure how to change the color with the code.
hold on
lgd = cell(size(NPV_Mat,2),1) ;
for ki = 1:size(NPV_Mat,2)
lgd{ki} = strcat('Field=',num2str(ffield(ki))) ;
These are the color type as below:
color = ('b--o', 'c*', '-o', '*','--',':', '-','-.')
Any help please

Accepted Answer

N S on 25 Nov 2019
It is necessary to capture the output of the Empirical cumulative distribution function so that you manage its rendering over a plot manually.
[f,x] = ecdf(y) returns the empirical cumulative distribution function (cdf), f, evaluated at the points in x, using the data in the vector y.
For example, for plotting in Red with line width of 3 and blacK using a line width of 2:
hold on
hold off
Of course, you can use a for-loop to do it on a big number of variables.

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