MATLAB 2019b Installation of SDR for Xilinx zynq Radio problem.

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jarul el 23 de Sept. de 2019
Comentada: jarul el 14 de Oct. de 2019
I have installed MATLAB 2019b version. I want to test the code for SDR.
However, I can not install the following libraries necessary to Run SDR.
  1. Embedded Coder Support Package for Xilinx Zynq Platform
  2. Communications Toolbox Support Package for Xilinx Zynq-Based Radio
I get the following errors:
Failed to download the third party software.
Xilinx Zynq linux binaries.
This is required by
Embedded Coder Support Package for Xilinx zynq Platforms:
Can someone suggest how to solve this problem?
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jarul el 1 de Oct. de 2019
I still can not solve this problem.
The Matlab code "Transmit and Receive LTE MIMO Using Analog Devices AD9361/AD9364" is run, I get the following error.
"Error using matlabshared.internal.ssh2Client"
Hence the function called "transmitRepeat(sdrTransmitter.eNodeBOutput);
is not working.
Can you help me solve this problem?
I do appreciate very much.

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Ben Cunningham
Ben Cunningham el 7 de Oct. de 2019
With regards the most recent comment which is an unrelated issue, it is duplicated here.
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jarul el 14 de Oct. de 2019
The problem is not solved yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have been trying to install the Linux version of the Xilinx Zynq Radio to run SDR software for single radio. I have spend several hours and still can not install the software version of the
R2019b version. After installing the communication tool box and Xilinx Radio library usually we see that the sign indicating the libraries are installed.
With the version R2019b the sign never appears on the library for communication tool box as well as Xilinx Radio library. I still get the following error:
Can not download the following library:
Xilinx Zynq Linux binaries
I presume that this library can not be downloaded or it is not available, I am not sure.
Can MATLAB group check this out for me?
When I run the matlab code meant for Single Radio, the receive function originally written as
sdrReceiver(); has been changed to capture(sdrReceiver, startuptime, "seconds");
in R2019b. It never gets executed and the program aburptly stops.
Can you kindly check the problem for me?
I have spend lot of time and can not run the matlab successfully with version R2019b.
Hopefully someone can respond to my question and solve this.
I have ran previously and setup the radio successfully with the version R2019a.
I am having problem with the latest version of R2019b.
Please do look into and solve this problem. I do appreciate. Thanks

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