Simulink Real-Time's creating boot disk (CD and Removable Disk) in MatlabR2017b

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Hi, I'm Japanese univercity student.
I have some problems at creating boot disk of Simulink Real-Time(in MATLAB R2017b).
I'm trying to creating boot disk of "CD" and "Removable Disk".
[When I create CD]:Select boot mode "CD", and click "create boot disk", a please wait diaglog flashes up, the progress bar fills but then no CD is burnt.(I can't select "burn disk")
[When I create Removable Disk]:Select boot mode "Removable Disk", a please wait diaglog flashe up, the progress bar fills and two files "BOOTSECT.RTT", "xpmttb.RTA" are in the USB. But, I can't boot Simulink Real-Time with these files.
What should I do? Thx.

Accepted Answer

Etsuo Maeda
Etsuo Maeda on 27 Sep 2019
I am not sure about your issue in CD boot image but Gowtham Uma M Jaganathan answer in following link may help you to confirm:
Creation of Simulink Real-Time CD Boot image failed. Matlab r2016b, Win 10.
Also about your issue in Removable Disk boot image, you need to prepare USB flash drive carefully as described in the documentation.
Cleaned and FAT32 formatted drive is required as primary.
Create a Bootable Partition
Removable Disk Boot Method

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