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Can I ues Nvidia GPU SLI bridges for better Deep Learning performance ?

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Assuming I have 2x NVidia Cards and connect them with a SLI Bridge. Do I have any performance advantage i.e. when I train Deep Learing networks or will Matlab treat them as two GPUs and do training with multiple GPUs ?
Question is also about the GPU memory. When I have 2x GPU cards with 11GByte each, can I convince Matlab to use it as 22GByte or is it still 2x 11 ?

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Jason Ross
Jason Ross el 26 de Sept. de 2019
Short answer: no and no.
Looking at this previous question and then finding the relevant section in the current CUDA programming guide, GPUs with SLI are still treated as separate devices.
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Frank Schmull
Frank Schmull el 26 de Sept. de 2019
Thanks, I thought this is might be sorted out, since people asking for it since 2012.

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