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Graph each side of the equation

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Zainab Alabdulali
Zainab Alabdulali el 30 de Sept. de 2019
Respondida: Akira Agata el 30 de Sept. de 2019
How to find r value? The soultion should be the point of intersection but, how to graph each side using MATLAB?

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Akira Agata
Akira Agata el 30 de Sept. de 2019
How about using fzero function? The following is an example:
% fnc = (left side) - (right side)
fnc = @(x) 4.231*x - exp(-0.17232465*x);
% Visualize the fnc
Since it has a root between -5 ~ +5:
x0 = fzero(fnc,[-10 10]);
Then, the root is found to be:
>> x0
x0 =

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Sulaymon Eshkabilov
Sulaymon Eshkabilov el 30 de Sept. de 2019
To find the value of r use: solve() in symbolic math or write a small code with the Newton Raphson method.
To plot bothe side of the equation, use a certain range of r and then plot.

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