capture frame on click

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SOE CADLAB on 30 Sep 2019
Commented: SOE CADLAB on 20 Oct 2019
how can i capture a frame on mouse click from a video ?
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darova on 30 Sep 2019
I think buttonDownFcn should be used in this case. BUt can't figure out how =(

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Abhilash Padma
Abhilash Padma on 3 Oct 2019
One of the ways to achieve this task is to play video on axes and use buttonDownFcn of image object. You can try this by typing the following command in your MATLAB prompt which will open an example explaining how to display a video in a custom user interface.
Add the following line in the “displayImage” function of showFrameOnAxis.m
SOE CADLAB on 20 Oct 2019
thank you but i need to capture that paritular frame on a mouse click

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