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zeros in data for gamma distribution

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desert_scientist90 el 2 de Oct. de 2019
Comentada: desert_scientist90 el 2 de Oct. de 2019
Hi, I am working with a large weather data set. I am trying to create a histogram with a gamma distrubution. This is not possible because I have values equal to 0 on my set. Is there any way I can delete the observations that = 0 by coding?
Thanks in advance for your help
number_of_bins = 10;
histfit(rain1, 10,'gamma');
title('station 1 jja');
Warning: Zeros in data -- returning method of moments estimates.
> In gamfit (line 136)
In prob/GammaDistribution/fit (line 147)
In fitdist>localfit (line 245)
In fitdist (line 192)
In histfit (line 62)
In hw24 (line 10)

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Jeff Miller
Jeff Miller el 2 de Oct. de 2019
rain1positive = rain1(rain1>0);

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