SimEvents Parameter Sweep Signal Editor

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Colin Krebbers
Colin Krebbers on 3 Oct 2019
Hi all,
Currently, I'm working on a SimEvents model in Simulink.
For verification purposes I would like to perform a parameter sweep on the various settings available in this model.
I've managed to get this done for block parameters, however, the model also contains a Signal Editor for which I'm not able to set the signal within the sweep.
I expect the problem to be the timeseries necessary for the Signal Editor, not being a fixed value.
The Signal Editor must control an Entity Gate to open/close at times determined during the simulation.
In case you know a solution or a workaround, for example changing the Signal Editor for another actuation block, please let me know.
Kind regards,

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Zenin Easa Panthakkalakath
Hello Colin,
I understand that the requirement is to be able to enable/disable Entity Gate based on a signal created using Signal Editor.
One way of doing this is to use Message Send block. This block creates an entity whenever the input signal supplied to the Port_Enable it is greater than zero. The output from this block can be connected to the Entity Gate control and the desired results can be achieved.

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