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comparison of vectors and reducing size

Asked by Tahir Afareen on 6 Oct 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Tahir Afareen on 6 Oct 2019
I have three vectors A , B and C of sizes 299×1 , 499×1 and 1609×1 respectively. i need code to simply reduce the size of the two large vectors (in this case B and C) to the size of the smallest vector (in this case A). how do i do that?


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Answer by meghannmarie on 6 Oct 2019
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If you want to just keep the first 299 elements:
sz = min([length(A),length(B),length(C)]);
A = A(1:sz);
B = B(1:sz);
C = C(1:sz);

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Thank you very much meghannmarie.
problem solved.

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Answer by Kumar
on 6 Oct 2019

doc interp1
use linear interpolation, to upsample or downsample the vector to any length required
A = rand(299,1);
B = rand(499,1);
v = (1:numel(B))';
vr = (linspace(min(v), max(v), length(A)))';
newB = interp1(v, B, vr);
Hope this helps :)


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