Plot two arrays as x and y and select the maximum point

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Hi given 2 arrays
V = [310 285 334 302 306 312 316 304 305 291 310];
M= [273.381 245.231 203.334 212.814 239.183 276.148 231.269 291.846 258.205 276.486 236.715];
I want to plot the value of V in x and value of M in y, for each column. So I want to obtain a black point for each column.
For example the point one should has x=310 and as y=273.381 and so on
Then once I've the plot, I would like to select the point who maximize both,and give also as output the value of the column that maximize it. I would like to have a function that do it graphically.
May someone help me with the code?

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the cyclist
the cyclist on 8 Oct 2019
The first thing is trivial ...
I don't understand what you mean by "maximize both" or "do it graphically".

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